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My G10

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My G10
« on: 15 / October / 2012, 10:32:58 »
Heyas - thanks for all you do for CHDK.

I have a G10 with a 16g card (bootable), CHDK 1.1.0, Canon 1.0.2 loading. Everything works as far as CHDK goes, scripts, settings, autoloading, etc. However, I cannot get my flash to work. I'm pretty sure I've been thru all of the CHDK settings, and the Canon settings, and I can't find where to turn my flash on at.

I'm new to the G10, But I have had an A540, A560, and an sx110is, all with CHDK running on them.

I've searched around in the forums, and haven't found a solution. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks! :D

Re: My G10
« Reply #1 on: 15 / October / 2012, 11:18:43 »
ok, so i put a regular SD card in the camera, and the flash still doesn't work. after reading the previous post, I realize this isn't a CHDK problem. I'll go ask it on a G10 forum maybe. Sorry to waste space.

Re: My G10
« Reply #2 on: 15 / October / 2012, 11:21:47 »

"You cannot use any old hot shoe cover on the Canon camera's. There are switches in the hot shoe to detect whether an external flash is attached. It the switch is activated, then the built in flash is disabled. "

I had an old generic cover on the flash hotshoe....  :haha

sorry for wasting the space....

Re: My G10
« Reply #3 on: 15 / October / 2012, 18:54:38 »
geez - and now i cant find the "delete this thread cause im a dum***s" button. please, Mod, kill it...

Re: My G10
« Reply #4 on: 15 / October / 2012, 18:56:56 »
Not a total waste of space though.  Somebody else with a G series camera might make the same mistake,  coming looking, find this with a search and learn from your posting.  Just edit the title of your first post to say "My G10 - flash hot shoe cover problem" or something like that.

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