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Canon G12 with Time-Lapse

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Canon G12 with Time-Lapse
« on: 10 / November / 2012, 04:50:56 »

I'm new here and want to introduce in brief I'm from Germany and I am the user of Canon G12 with firmware 1.00e!
I want to use Time-Lapse with my G12, it's available, but only in connect with Blure effect I no like. So I want to use CHDK to use normal Time-Lapse without Blure effect. It's possible? Any one has used already G12 time lapse with CHDK?

Thanks for help and have a nice day!


Re: Canon G12 with Time-Lapse
« Reply #1 on: 10 / November / 2012, 13:02:59 »
Search the forum and wiki for Intervalometer

there are 100's of scripts out there.   Here's a good one for example :

There is also a Lua and uBASIC version of a simple intervalometer included with the CHDK distribution.
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Re: Canon G12 with Time-Lapse
« Reply #2 on: 10 / November / 2012, 18:22:12 »
German CHDK forum:

- uBasic script collection e.g. sevenup interval script

- Lua script collection

- via USB PTP windows client ptpCamGui

- Read also CHDK documentation chapter 7.


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