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Possibility of audio triggering events?

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Possibility of audio triggering events?
« on: 30 / March / 2008, 17:33:26 »
I did some searching and it sounds like in response to the question of making an audio recorder, CHDK doesn't have access to the mic on the camera - is that right?

The reason I'm wondering is because I was wondering if there would be ably way to make some kind of script-functionality driven by audio... i.e. if it hears a sound above a certain threshhold or if it hears a sound in a certain pitch (that would be tougher, obviously, because you'd have to FFT on the input) - then you can have it trigger a script...

The use case I'm thinking of is something like this: I live near a train, and every night the train comes by and blows its whistle... It would be interesting for me to set up the camera one night and have it try to take some shots of a speeding train with some cool exposure tricks... etc - but rather than wait around manually for the train to come by I would want to have the camera just do my bidding and wait for the whistle before it started into a script (i.e. turn on a motion-detection functionality, and wait for motion on the left edge of the screen to start a capturing-routine - and then when the motion is no longer detected have it capture several different background shots at different exposure levels (30 secs, 40 secs, 50 secs... etc) and then saving it and going back into idle-mode where it just waits for the next whistle to try again...

Now the above use-case could be done entirely with just motion-detection the way I'm thinking about it... but other cases it would be kind of cool - like get a group of people together and when everyone is ready - you clap your hands twice loudly and it starts a 1 or 3 second countdown and then takes a group shot - so that the person who is doubling as family-member and photgrapher doesn't have to constantly run over the camera to push buttons...

I'm sure there are lots of other cool things that could be done with it - but the question is... How impossible is it? Is it technically impossible due to limits in the hardward? Is it currently not possible because we haven't reverse-engineered enough functions from the firmware? Is it already possible and I'm just asking a stupid question?

Re: Possibility of audio triggering events?
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