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Focus bracketing with get_dof

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Focus bracketing with get_dof
« on: 11 / December / 2012, 14:59:52 »
My first try with a script.
Has to be used with manual focus !
It takes all the necessary photos from actual focus point to infinity, to be used in focus stacking.
The number of photos varies depending the actual focal length and f-stop.

I use it with my Powershot S2 IS and Raynox lenses.
rem Leif Karlsson
@title Raynox
@param n Max number of steps
@default n 200

sleep 2000

  for s=1 to n
   get_focus f
   get_dof d
   set_focus g
   print d,g
   if g>30000 then s=n
   if d<0 then s=n
  next s


As my first script... Use at your on risk  :-[


Leif K


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