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Recommended method for exposure bracketing

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Recommended method for exposure bracketing
« on: 11 / December / 2012, 22:07:27 »
I have been a new user of CHDK and it is awesome.  I don't think I can be without CHDK on my canons (SX40 and some older models).

Anyway, one of my requirements is simple exposure bracketing and I was using the default hdr.bas in the scripts folder.  I did not quite like it - it was very slow.  The native camera bracketing shoots the 3 shots in such quick succession.  Then I realized the same can be done w/o any scripts but by simply enabling "Bracketing in continuous mode" and that is exactly what I want and am very happy with it.  It shoots all the 3 shots quickly.

My question is if this way of doing it is inferior to the scripts in any manner?  May be in terms of focussing before each shot or the like...? The reason I ask is because the CHDK page says "This is a simple way to do luminance bracketing... It's a good option for in a hurry moments".

Thank you.

Re: Recommended method for exposure bracketing
« Reply #1 on: 11 / December / 2012, 22:21:46 »
The script was written to be be the simplest example of how you could implement HDR with a script. There are many better / more sophisticated scripts posted on this forum and on the CHDK wiki.   

From a personal perspective,  I find it time consuming and difficult to find and correctly setup the continuous mode timers on my camera and then setup CHDK as well.  So the script approach (using the User Menu to enable it) works best for me.   Although to speed things up,  maybe I'll look at lapser's recent methods of shooting faster between shots with a script at some point though.

But that's just me.  If the method you described works for you, then that's the best method for you.

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