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SX260 problem...

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SX260 problem...
« on: 17 / December / 2012, 13:52:57 »
Hello, people.
     I'm new to this board. Of course, I'm sure you could tell since I'm asking for help instead of giving it. I recently got an SX260 for Christmas (an early gift) and I'm happy beyond measure with the camera. I had a couple of Kodak EasyShares in the past and they both broke down on me. The last one went out over a year ago and I really love photography and videography so it's been tough not having a camera with me. If I wanted to take a picture, I had to borrow my dad's (modest but reliable) camera so spur-of-the-moment shots were impossible.

     The SX260 has everything that I wanted. I did tons of research before I made my decision as I figured out that purchasing a camera at Walmart based on nothing other than messing around with it on a leash and deciding that it seemed OK. The only thing that bothered me is that it didn't shoot in RAW. Then I found out about CHDK and I was sold!

     Now to my problem. I've only been able to get one RAW image to display correctly. The rest are just random, pixely blobs. It's almost like it didn't have enough time to process in the camera or something. I thought I could even see spill-over or ghosting from the first (clear) image into the next few. Do y'all have any idea what's going on? I'd really appreciate some input.



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Re: SX260 problem...
« Reply #1 on: 17 / December / 2012, 15:42:15 »
From sx260 notes.txt:
Known bugs
- Raw doesn't work in auto mode
But in others modes RAW should work, check the sx260 porting thread:

Re: SX260 problem...
« Reply #2 on: 17 / December / 2012, 18:14:22 »
Well, that was a rather simple solution.
Thank you very much for pointing that out!



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