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sx40HS focus to infinity not doing it.

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Re: sx40HS focus to infinity not doing it.
« Reply #80 on: 08 / December / 2012, 15:08:01 »
Do you think it will work for all cameras?

I think yes. It's seems to be a standard 'levent' function for all cameras with MF mode. I got a lot of positive reports.



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Re: sx40HS focus to infinity not doing it.
« Reply #81 on: 08 / December / 2012, 19:01:59 »
Btw, with CHDK version 1.2 we have an extra override function for MF infinitely. There is also a shortcut.
That shortcut (left or right in <alt>?) crashed the sx260 and didn't work with the G1X. Philmoz figured out that you have to be in manual focus mode for set_focus(d) to work. The shortcut doesn't do anything on my sx260 now. I wonder if they took it out?

The <ALT> shortcut to set focus to infinity (if you are in MF) should be the up button on the sx260 (down sets hyperfocal distance).

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Re: sx40HS focus to infinity not doing it.
« Reply #82 on: 05 / January / 2013, 15:39:12 »
Same problem here. The sx40 won't manually focus at infinity at 35x zoom. To me this is happening independently from CHDK it really seems a limitation of the camera manual focus system, at least of my camera hardware + firmware (1.00i).

I even tried to lock focus at infinity (autofocus on the Moon and halfpress+left to lock focus) and memorize it to a preset (e.g. C1). When recalling the preset the MF indicator shows infinity but the resulting image is blurred, the lens system just won't return at the same exact position.

Physically the lens can reach a position where it can focus infinity (in fact AF works) but something is preventing to reach that position in MF (including setting focus distance via CHDK scripts).

Maybe it's just the section of the system that translates the focus distance into lens position. Would it be possible to use CHDK to control directly the lens system at a lower level (I know this might be risky...)?



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Re: sx40HS focus to infinity not doing it.
« Reply #83 on: 05 / January / 2013, 15:55:45 »
You can try the following code for switching into MF mode:
Code: (lua) [Select]
if(get_focus_mode()~=1) then
    print("Switch MF mode")
    sleep(500) -- maybe not necessary
I finally got around to testing this, and it works great on my sx260. Is there a similar method for switching to auto focus mode?

Many thanks for the help!
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