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How much memory?

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How much memory?
« on: 27 / May / 2008, 11:54:34 »

For stereo pair viewing I want to allocate two viewport buffers.  On my 720is each is 360x240x3 = 259200 bytes, about 253K.  I did a little test and found I could malloc about 840K bytes.  So that is three viewport  copies, plenty for my application.  Of course I don't know what memory needs other parts of CHDK may require.

My questions are: What is the minimum amount of memory that I can assume will be available for all CHDK cameras.  How much of this can any one application safely allocate without interfering with camera operations?


Re: How much memory?
« Reply #1 on: 27 / May / 2008, 12:38:54 »
Good luck   :-)

SDM 1.70 results are coming-in on the Yahoo SDM Group.

Some cameras work (my A620), others crash or have the main menu trashed (my A460).



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