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SX260 HS version number

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SX260 HS version number
« on: 04 / January / 2013, 21:29:35 »
 :( Am Newbie. Just starting out with SX260 (my real camera is a Leica M9) I put empty files named ver.req and vers.req at root level of SD card. Followed all versions of instruction for obtaining the firmware version number and all I get is after prolonged hold of "function set" is numbers in the format "xx:xx:xx" where the rightmost two digits steadily count up. While holding "function set" pressing "display" or "down" does nothing. I've tried this with both ver.req, and vers.req alone along with both being present and with and without one picture on the SD card.

Because the camera has both aperture preferred and shutter preferred modes, my primary reason for wanting CHDK is to get DNG files so that I can use effectively my beloved LightRoom.


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Re: SX260 HS version number
« Reply #1 on: 04 / January / 2013, 22:01:50 »
Try it with only this file:


With the camera turned off, press and hold the PLAY button until it starts in play mode.

Press SET first, then immediately press DISPLAY. If you hold SET down too long, the camera gives you the finger, I mean the numbers.
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Re: SX260 HS version number
« Reply #2 on: 05 / January / 2013, 06:05:10 »
Hello & welcome, Herbert !

to get the firmware version of your camera, use the ACID tool from

If your firmware version is already supported by CHDK, you can also use ACID to download the correct CHDK package...

You may also have a look to the other related tools at this page...


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