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G15 fw dump

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G15 fw dump
« on: 11 / January / 2013, 02:39:31 »

I'm Andre from germany. I recently bought a G15 an just found CHDK. I want to help porting CHDK to the G15 an wanted to start with a firmware dump. I prepared a SD-Card ("SCRIPT"), added the two files, extend.m with the dumper script.
When I start the camera in playback-mode I can press the "FUNC SET" but nothing happens. When I press the button one second,  an animaition comes up, showing the actual time as rotating cubes. Any key on the camera changes the background-color then. But no firware-dump. I also tried a sayHello()-Script but this doesn't wor either.
Has anyone tried dumping the firmware or starting a script on a G15? Either this way doesn't work here or I make some kind of mistake preparing the sdcard.


Re: G15 fw dump
« Reply #1 on: 11 / January / 2013, 07:39:44 »
You might want to look at this : G15 Porting Thread
Use the ACID utility to check your firmware version.  If its 1.00b then a f/w dump for your camera has already been done and posted.  No need to repeat that effort.

When you say 'Nothing happened" when you pressed "FUNC SET",  did you actually check your SD card for the firmware dump file?  On many cameras,  the dumper script output is not visible as it does not set the colors for printing on the screen properly for that camera (they change from camera to camera).  But the file does get written.

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