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Night Sky with A810

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Re: Night Sky with A810
« Reply #30 on: 18 / March / 2013, 15:26:46 »
I have a similar spotting scope that I can use with my A810 using a Skywatcher 1.25" Universal digiscoping adaptor which cost around £30. The adapter is adjustable in xyz so most cameras should fit OK but check before you buy.

Try holding one of your cameras up to the eyepiece and zooming in until the image fills the frame - not easy if hand held but it will let you see if it works.

I use my A810 to record lunar video clips thru my Celestron 4SE scope. I then stack these clips in AviStack to give close ups like the attached. If you capture enough 'tiles' you can join them to create a large high rez moon like this


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Re: Night Sky with A810
« Reply #31 on: 18 / March / 2013, 15:33:01 »
Nice image... ah... but where are Buzz's footprints and the World War II bomber ?  ;)
( for those who think I may have finally lost the plot.... )


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Re: Night Sky with A810
« Reply #32 on: 18 / March / 2013, 16:20:17 »
Usability of SX50 with universal camera adapter is questionable, because the width of the lens  probably bigger than the width of the eyepiece, but I'm not sure .If you're buying nonetheless universal adapter, Ask  for the maximum applicable thickness of the camera with extended lens.
Have you tried to mount the webcam, with removed lens on your catadioptric telescope. I've got good shots of the Moon with cheap web camera, in the prime focus.Prime Focus method always gives a larger increase than what can be obtained using eyepiece and camera lens by afocal method.


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