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A New Attachment Method?

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A New Attachment Method?
« on: 05 / December / 2007, 07:21:45 »
It looks like attachments are being posted in a new way or something. I no longer get the thumbnail of images, and when I click on a link to view it it opens up on its own page. In a rather awkward way in Opera. Opera doesn't detect the mime type so it asks me if I want to open it, save it, etc.. If I let Opera open it then it will only show the part of the image loaded so far and then stops loading. I have to wait there on that open/save? dialog until I am sure it might have all been downloaded, and then click on "let Opera open it".

I've run into this rarely before online where this happens. It's a pretty bad way to have images available for viewing, especially on a photography and camera related forum.

Is anyone else having problems?

Acseven? Can we get the old method back please? It worked much better than what's happening now.


Re: A New Attachment Method?
« Reply #1 on: 06 / January / 2008, 06:37:36 »
woodsman, this got solved, right?



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