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Shutter Release Video Control

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Shutter Release Video Control
« on: 22 / January / 2013, 22:18:31 »
Couldn't find this feature listed anywhere in the manual/FAQ --

Does CHDK allow initiation of video recording using a standard shutter release (RS60-E3)? I see that this functionality exists with the USB remote, but the camera I'm interested in(SX50) has remote support and would prefer to use that instead. I realize there is no port for SX50 just yet.



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Re: Shutter Release Video Control
« Reply #1 on: 22 / January / 2013, 23:29:39 »
CHDK does not (intentionally) interact with the Canon remote at all.

This accessory is only supported on a few models (G series and SX50 that I know of) so adding any kind of support in CHDK would require development by someone who actually has the camera and the accessory.
I realize there is no port for SX50 just yet.
There is one in progress
Don't forget what the H stands for.


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