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problems using chdk for ixus 100IS

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problems using chdk for ixus 100IS
« on: 03 / February / 2013, 08:34:51 »
Have been using CHDK for years now and am very glad with it. So now i want to copy the files from one sd card to another, and the firmware update from my 110b firmware camera doesn't work. It just doesn't load. So i went to delete the files on the card and downloaded the latest chdk version. But then while trying to update the firmware to chdk, nothing loads, but the orange led starts shining and doesn't stop until i unload the battery. By the way, if I use my original sd card in my 100IS, the firmware only starts when I keep pressing the release button. Formerly the firmware would load by itself. If I don't prees the releasebutton, firmware won't load and stop and shut off the camera. Anyone whon knows this problems and will help? Thanks in advance.

Re: problems using chdk for ixus 100IS
« Reply #1 on: 03 / February / 2013, 09:02:18 »
problem fixed :o) reformatted the receiving card and copying the files succeeded. Thanks


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