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assert shooting raw/dng over PTP on a540

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assert shooting raw/dng over PTP on a540
« on: 02 / March / 2013, 16:52:36 »
While testing something else, I noticed that if I shoot raw while connected to PTP on my A540, I frequently get the attached romlog. Happens with both 1.1 and 1.2. This is regular raw save to disk, not the experimental remote capture stuff.

With DNG, it seems to happen if "DNG Extension" and "DNG Visible over usb" are enabled, or if "DNG Extensions" is off. This makes me think it might be related to some task scanning "known" extensions. It doesn't happen every time. If I use CR2 extension (which isn't a "known" extension in old cameras like A540) it doesn't crash. DNG without "DNG Visible over USB" is also not a "known" extension.

The crash happens after the raw is saved. The raw file is OK, but the corresponding jpeg is not present.

I don't see this on my D10.

I haven't decode the binary romlog yet.
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