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CRW not recognized

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CRW not recognized
« on: 04 / March / 2013, 15:53:55 »
I am using CHDK on the a3300is to capture raw. I previously took raw pictures with the sd100 which were .crw files. I read and convert these files with David Coffin's DCRAW but it couldn't decode the .crw files taken with the a3300is. I attempted to clean the .crw's with cleancrw.c and the command line returned that the files taken were not .crw's. I use the following script to take many images at different exposure times:
Code: [Select]
@title Fore-Back
@param m max tv96
@default m=288
@param n number of shots
@default n=36

if n<1 then n=1
if x<0 then x=0
if y<0 then y=0

set_raw 1
set_raw_nr 1

for h=1 to n
set_tv96_direct x
sleep 1000
next h

for g=1 to n
set_tv96_direct y
sleep 1000
next g

I manually select capture raw and .crw as the format. Is there something in this script that could be giving me the wrong file type? Is there something different about .crw's taken by these cameras? The same version of CHDK is loaded on both as I switch the same memory card back and forth.

Re: CRW not recognized
« Reply #1 on: 04 / March / 2013, 16:14:31 »
link> Questions about RAW ?

tl;dr version >  the CHDK RAW file produced by each Canon camera model is different and specific to that camera.   Until the DCRAW library is updated for that camera,  programs based on DCRAW (i.e. most of them) will not be able to open the file.   Your best bet is to use DNG format - which is pretty universally recognized.
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Re: CRW not recognized
« Reply #2 on: 04 / March / 2013, 16:26:11 »
Thanks for the quick reply. I have taken pictures as DNG's and they work fairly well but have only half the bit depth available. Now I know to look for a different work around. Cool.

Re: CRW not recognized
« Reply #3 on: 04 / March / 2013, 16:32:21 »
CHDK DNG will have exactly the same bit depth as CHDK  RAW - its the same info with some header stuff patched on the front basically.
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