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intervalometer for daylight hours

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Re: intervalometer for daylight hours
« Reply #30 on: 25 / March / 2013, 22:38:05 »
It complicates the script to try to figure when night and day starts.
Spent a little time today on a sun up & sun down calculation now that we have Lua trig functions. Turns out to be not too bad.

The pictures will be in separate folders each day, so it should be easy to find and throw away the ones that look "dark" from the thumbnails.
Only if you set it up that way in the Canon menus.  Daily folder rotation is not the default behavior on any of my cameras.

And one more thing. Maybe you don't even need to retract the lens before rebooting? Has anyone tried it? After a camera crash, the lens seems to retract with the next power on.
srsa_4c specifically mentioned camera with complicated lenses - like the sx130.  That one is #1 on the list of cameras with lens errors blamed on CHDK  Its also a somewhat weak mechanical construction (hmmm .. might be related to the lens errors?)  so people would want to be more careful with those cameras.   I know I now have no intention of trying a reboot() on the $400 SX50 I just acquired ....
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Re: intervalometer for daylight hours
« Reply #31 on: 26 / March / 2013, 03:15:07 »
In CHDK, like most 32 bit platforms (and many 64 bit ones) long and int are the same. The usage of "long" in various parts of CHDK is silly, but harmless. If the Canon firmware used a 64 bit value, it would be a long long or something like that.
Thanks for that explanation. After looking it up, I see that "int" is defined as "at least 16 bits" and "long" is "at least 32 bits".
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