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Large SD cards with CHDK

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Re: Large SD cards with CHDK
« Reply #10 on: 29 / March / 2013, 13:42:11 »
Don't know if Zeno (Dave) will see this,
I sent him a PM ..
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Re: Large SD cards with CHDK
« Reply #11 on: 29 / March / 2013, 13:45:12 »
Thanks. But you were too quick...

I had a brain wave... Perhaps that isn't the right word. But I started to wonder whether the SD drive in the Macbook pro was having issues. So I used an external Card reader. It stated that the card wasn't initialised. It was, but I didn't care, I told it to initialise it, and then format it. Once I did that, Stick saw the card. And what's more it continued to complete the process. I placed the card in the camera, and CHDK started. So, I think I am now ok. But I am a little concerned about that card now... But Stick is an excellent process. Makes the Mac process so much simpler.

Thank you for your help.


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Re: Large SD cards with CHDK
« Reply #12 on: 29 / March / 2013, 13:46:46 »
Hi Colin - if you add the line
to the file and then run STICK again it will create a logfile - sticklog.txt - which may help me diagnose your problem. Email the log to me -

As you discovered, STICK currently won't let you specify 256Gb cards. It should deal with 128gb cards though if you set
The actual size of some cards is often larger than the quoted size - e.g. a 128Gb card may actually have a (decimal) size larger than 130000 (megabytes).

Anyway, if you run STICK with debug on I should be able to see what's going on.


PS - just seen your latest post - glad things worked out OK!
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Re: Large SD cards with CHDK
« Reply #13 on: 29 / March / 2013, 13:53:15 »
Hi Dave,
It was with Debug=yes where I saw the issues with the Mount from DiskUtil. That gave me the idea to use an external card reader. Which then worked, after thinking the card hadn't been initialised. It has now completed, our posts probably crossed.

Now that it has worked I am not concerned with Stick anymore. I am more concerned with the reliability of that card. I need to do some serious testing with it, before I completely rely on it.

Thanks Dave & Waterwingz.


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