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Powershot S95 and CRW

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Powershot S95 and CRW
« on: 02 / April / 2013, 22:18:02 »
I have tried multiple solutions to view raw files and none of them worked.  Finally realized, the crw files were take with my Powershot S95 with chdk.  How do I view and or easily convert them to jpg.

Thanks for the help

Re: Powershot S95 and CRW
« Reply #1 on: 02 / April / 2013, 22:26:04 »
link> Questions about RAW ?

Lots of good info at that link - and the last link there points to a utility that will let you convert CHDK RAW from the S95  to DNG.  Once you have a DNG file, almost all photo software will work with it and let you edit / convert to any format you would like to use.

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Re: Powershot S95 and CRW
« Reply #2 on: 02 / April / 2013, 22:29:15 »
Thanks I will take a look.

Ok, I think I'm out of luck.  Tried all the programs available from the list and nothing recognizes the S95 crw.  DNG4PS-2 does not support the S95 and development seems to be stalled.

Anyone have better luck?

Otherwise, I would recommend not to take raw images with Powershot S95
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