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Old 8mm and super8 movies

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Old 8mm and super8 movies
« on: 02 / April / 2013, 18:18:45 »
I have tried to capture some old 8mm and super8 family movies using a projector and my digital cameras. It looks impossible to do it, because of the difference in the frame rates. The old 8 and super 8 movies are played at 18 fps and most of the digital cameras shoot at 30fps. Does anybody knows if it would be possible to write a script allowing to:
1. Synchronize to the 18fps or even to the actual frame rate of the projector.
2. Also synchronize the camera to take each frame when the frame image is on the screen (not when the screen is dark between frames).
I am just starting to use the CHDK software and unable to tell if this is a possibility.
Is it a topic already covered (I did not find it)

Re: Old 8mm and super8 movies
« Reply #1 on: 03 / April / 2013, 02:45:14 »
Which camera do you own? AFAIK, none of the DSLR cameras supported in this forum can do video, you'll probably have better luck at the Magic Lantern forum: http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/

Re: Old 8mm and super8 movies
« Reply #2 on: 24 / April / 2013, 11:49:11 »
Sorry, I did not see your reply sooner. I did not know how to get back to my post...
I have an old Canon PowerShot SD400 that I use with CHDK (it can take 640x480 & 320x240 videos at 30fps)
I will also check the Magic Lantern forum.
Thank you for your help.


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