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Troubles loading CHDK onto A630

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Troubles loading CHDK onto A630
« on: 07 / April / 2008, 04:11:04 »

For some reason, my camera can't finish updating. At about halfway, it just stops doing anything until it turns itself off. The FAQ tells me this should mean an incompatible firmware version, but I've checked and it is the 1.00c.

I'm using a PC, and have tried using both Digicanon's uploader and a card reader, with the two latest versions of AllBest and the GrAnd. And the SD card is unlocked.

Can anyone offer any suggestions? I would be extremely grateful.

Edit: After a bit more fiddling, it appears to be working. I get the battery icon and menu and histogram and zebra and all that with both builds. GrAnd no longer has any complaints about loading up. AllBest retains that unfinished white line, which gets permanently moved to the bottom of the screen, but seems to be working otherwise so I'm calling it a tentative success.

Thanks to everyone who bothered looking at my post :)
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