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Simulate continuous mode

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Simulate continuous mode
« on: 03 / May / 2013, 13:29:05 »
I've run various intervalometers but they don't quite hit the spot.  I use an A2200 on a pole to photograph ruins from overhead.  Is there way to simulate the shutter button being pressed in continuous mode?

Re: Simulate continuous mode
« Reply #1 on: 03 / May / 2013, 15:56:19 »
Sure. You could try the script like this:

Code: (lua) [Select]
    until false

This is a Lua script. I wrote this on the fly, haven't tested, but should be ok. The sleep(100) causes a little break (1/10 sec) for camera firmware. It's a good practice to leave some amount of time for camera to think about live, the Universe and everything:)
if (2*b || !2*b) {

Compile error: poor Yorick


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