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S5IS - Ported!

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Re: S5IS - Ported!
« Reply #110 on: 26 / June / 2008, 02:57:57 »
...Now regarding the ISO overriding, I still can't find it, sorry... :) I mean I can't find extra-photo operations either.

Which version (or name of the download file) you are using ?
Looks like you do not have the Allbest version; the latest Allbest Autobuild (beta version) you'll find here: Autobuild CHDK version.
(In the Allbest CHDK "Extra Photo Operations" is the first entry in the menu...)

Re: S5IS - Ported!
« Reply #111 on: 03 / July / 2008, 20:21:40 »
I am new to using chdk firmwares but I LOVE it!
However I have a small problem that deals with bracketing.
I have figured how to get it working with EV mode, which is what I wanted, however, when I select +/- and put the aperture at 5.0 I get approx. 11 images but a lot of them are taken at the same fstop. Also when it gets to the last setting (highest fstop) it doesnt stop automatically as I read it should..
I am wondering if this could be a bug..
Hope to get a response from someone... it would be great!


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