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CANON A480 + script for intervalometer + shutdown camera+lens retract

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i have a Canon A480 and i want to use a script for making pictures at a specified interval of time. After all the requested pictures are made i want the camera to shut down and lens to retract.

Here is what i tried to use :
rem Author - Keoeeit
rem Written for S-Series
rem Should be okay on others
rem Use Endless mode with caution
rem See documentation for important info
@title Ultra Intervalometer
@param a Delay 1st Shot (Mins)
@default a 0
@param b Delay 1st Shot (Secs)
@default b 0
@param c Number of Shots
@default c 100
@param d Interval (Minutes)
@default d 0
@param e Interval (Seconds)
@default e 3
@param f Interval (10th Seconds)
@default f 0
@param g Endless? No=0 Yes=1
@default g 0
if c<1 then let c=5
if t<100 then let t=100
if g<0 then let g=0
if g>1 then let g=1
if p<0 then let p=0
print "1 Cycle Time:", y/60000; "min", y%60000/1000; "sec"
goto "interval"
if p>0 then gosub "pause"
print "Shot 1 of", c
for n=2 to c
sleep t
print "Shot", n, "of", c
next n
if g=1 then goto "interval" else shut_down
for m=1 to n
print "Intvl Begins:", q/60; "min", q%60; "sec"
sleep 930
next m

the problem is that after i'm loading the script and i want to run it i receive the error : uBASIC:50 Unk label

Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you.
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That error message means that line 50 has an unknown label. Line 50 appears to be the line of dashes at the end of your script - you need to delete it.

You also need to remove the word Cheers from line 49 and I think line 42 should be:
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Many thanks, i have made the modifications that you mentioned and  now it's working.

Re: CANON A480 + script for intervalometer + shutdown camera+lens retract
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Hello , I need additional advices :)

I have used the script posted above and it's working without any issue but I want to activate it using remote control.

What i want to do :
- I want to activate the script using remote control. The script is loaded on a Canon sx230 camera. The camera will be placed on my RC airplane. Using a custom connector i will make the link between a 5v source and the misi usb connector from the camera. While the plane is on the ground i will start the camera with the playback button and launch the plane(at this time the lens will remain closed). I want that , during the flight, if i apply 5v to the camera mini usb connector lens to open and camera to start to do pictures, if i apply 0v i want to have the lens closed and the script stopped.

- what i must modify to make this possible ? (modification on the script from above , also on the script parameters from the camera - remote control parameters).

Thank you.

Re: CANON A480 + script for intervalometer + shutdown camera+lens retract
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Hello , I need additional advices :)
While its quite possible to modify the script you posted,  it will take somebody an hour or so to make the changes and test the result.

It might be easier if you used this instead :

which does everything you want and a whole lot more.
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