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SX40 (and probably others) temp sensor behaviour and AC adapters...

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When I bought my SX40 off ebay, it didn't come with batteries (but still a good deal for a hundred and fifty). Since it arrived before the cheap batteries I ordered as well, I was faced with two choices: wait for them, or use small alligator clips and two 18650 type torch batteries to power it. A few days ago the batteries arrived (almost a month after getting the camera, quite glad I didn't just wait for them to arrive) and I found that there was a significant difference in how the camera now behaved with the batteries.

Other than an excessively longer operating time and -20° temp display for the battery, the two 18650 torch cells allowed me to operate the camera until it ended up giving a lens error when the voltage was so low it could not power the lens motors anymore. This was below 6v (3x2). With the temp sensor now connected on the new batteries, it powers down at about 6.6v. So the camera would realise that it was an AC adapter since the thermistor is not connected, and so it gives it the benefit of the doubt and assumes that it can supply the necessary voltage to run the camera and does not bother to power down if it gets too low.

What I was thinking was that would it be possible to have some sort of override setting that allows you to continue shooting those last few photos of that irreplaceable moment without the camera cutting out right it the middle of it. (or beating that tetris high-score before the cam shuts down without saving it :) ). Of course a warning would appear first, as if it was about to shut down, but the user will be asbed to press some key in order for it to go to 'do or die' mode if the photo opportunity is crucial.

I would be quite happy to modify the code myself (not that I even know much about C at all though) if I knew where to start; what would a modification like this require? Where should I start? Is it even possible to do this through CHDK at the moment? Any thoughts on this please let me know.


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